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Emergency mental health services and off-campus referrals

Do you need immediate help for a mental health crisis? A RISD crisis counselor is available 24/7 for emergency intervention and support. If outside of Health Services office hours, call Public Safety for help at 401-454-6666.

(For emergencies related to crime or sexual violence, crisis counselors also are available 24/7 by contacting Public Safety 401-454-6666.)

We also offer referral services to area experts if you need inpatient hospitalization or extended outpatient therapy.

Is an off-campus therapist right for you?

For some students, receiving therapy from an off-campus provider may be a preferred path. Here are some reasons an off-campus provider may be better for your needs:

  • You want a therapist long-term (more than a semester)
  • You want a local medication provider (Note: Urgent medication needs and new prescriptions can sometimes be handled by CAPS)
  • You prefer a therapist that is not affiliated with RISD
  • You have mental health needs that would be better served by a specialist (eating disorders, complex trauma, and psychosis are some problems that might benefit from specialist care)
  • You would like to find a practice that offers medication without requiring you to go to therapy
  • You would like a practice that offers integrated care between a primary care doctor, a psychiatrist, and/or a therapist – this is sometimes a good idea if you have multiple conditions and/or medications that need to be balanced and monitored regularly

The first step to finding an off-campus provider is confirming what mental health benefits are included in your health insurance plan. You and your family must then determine any co-pay required and whether that is financially feasible for you and/or your family to maintain.

To help you navigate the process of searching for an off-campus therapist, we invite you to set up an appointment with a CAPS case manager at 401-454-6637.

You can find providers through your insurance website, the Psychology Today Therapist Finder website, or Zencare. You may have to call a few different places, or even “try on” different therapists by meeting with them individually, to find a provider that suits your needs.

Women of Color and people who identify as QTPOC may want to ask specific questions to potential therapists as well.  A guide to such questions can be found here.

Guide to finding an off-campus therapist (PDF)

Hours & Appointments

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Monday – Friday
Please call during business hours to schedule an appointment.

Extended Hours

8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

During fall and spring semesters.


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