Continuous updates on our response to the virus.

COVID-19 and Our Community

Because caring for the health and safety of the RISD community is our highest priority, we are actively tracking the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), along with the most current recommendations on how best to protect against it. We ask your help in our efforts by following health guidelines and checking back here regularly for updates. If you need further assistance, check the get help section.

Must-Know Information

While RISD is still “open for business,” here’s what you need to know right now to stay safe and compliant within the community:

COVID Mandates

  • Both the state and federal governments have declared states of emergency, including new restrictions on travel and gatherings and a mandate for remote learning.
  • For more details on mandates relevant to our community, visit or
  • Everyone on campus must wear a face covering when in all RISD facilities, except when you are alone in private offices or rooms. If you do not have one, please contact Public Safety Deputy Chief Anna Brookes at

Remote Learning

Campus Life and Events

  • All campus residences have been closed during the crisis, with the exception of 15 West and Charles Landing, to which those students unable to leave have been relocated.
  • All in-person events, including commencement, are postponed or cancelled for spring and summer.
  • Most other campus services have been suspended or reduced operations, including the Museum, RISD stores and mail service. Visit the FAQ for specifics.

Financial Relief

Created by concerned students and alumni, the RISD Community COVID-19 Response Fund supports students struggling with virus-related expenses. Further proof that community keeps us strong.

  • Requests for food, living, medical and travel/relocation expenses will be prioritized. Students will be notified of their request status as quickly as possible.
  • All students experiencing financial hardship are eligible to apply, more than once. If you’re in need, please reach out to Student Affairs at or apply here.

International Students

  • During this time, some travel and application guidelines have changed. Visit our FAQ to see what changes may apply to you and resources for dealing with them.
  • Online learning will be available to those with F1 and J1 visas without jeopardizing their status.

Important Dates for Spring 2020

While COVID is disrupting life today, we continue to plan for better days: This calendar notes key deadlines, so students and families will be ready when RISD classes resume.

Community and Staff Health

  • To ensure staff safety, only employees deemed essential by their manager should be on campus. For all others, remote work is extended through June 30.
  • For general community safety, all RISD-sponsored travel has been suspended.
  • Confidential health and counseling services are still available to students by calling 401-454-6625 for Health Services or 401-454-6637 for CAPS. Employees, you and your dependents can access 24/7 confidential assistance through our partner AllOne Health.

Financial and Academic Planning

  • Our Budget Priorities Committee is actively working on strategies to offset the estimated at least $20 million impact on RISD funding.
  • Most RISD hiring has also been paused through May 31.
  • Planning is underway for the fall semester, including academic courses and study away. An update will be shared by June 15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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CDC Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Novel Coronavirus Information for Travelers

A collection of information and resources provided by the CDC
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Ask the CDC

Learn about the coronavirus response and resources offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


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