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What if I have not heard from my instructor about how my class will be taught remotely?
Please email or call your instructor using the contact information on your syllabus. If you are unable to reach your instructor, please call or email your instructor’s academic department.

How will remote learning work, if I am in a different time zone than the instructor?
Instructors are balancing synchronous and asynchronous learning, in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. Most are working on creating asynchronous activity online, when possible, to accommodate different time zones. Contact your instructor to learn how the course content will be delivered.

If I am located near my instructor, can I meet with them off campus to discuss and review my work?
No. In order to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and reduce public health risks, we are asking all teaching and learning to be conducted online. Your cooperation in this will protect the health of individuals involved in your courses and keep students, faculty, or staff as safe as possible.

Can groups of students gather off-site to work together?
No. In order to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and reduce public health risks, we are asking all teaching and learning to be conducted remotely. Your cooperation will help protect the health of the community.

Am I still responsible for class assignments, exams or materials due as stated on the syllabus?
While some assignments may be revised for remote teaching and learning, students remain responsible for full participation in their classes. Instructors will provide guidance on how to submit assignments, participate in crits, and take exams.

What if I need special equipment and materials to complete my work?
The Provost’s Office has worked with deans and department heads to identify needed materials, equipment, and software to continue semester work.

How should I complete projects that require shop space and equipment?
Instructors have modified expectations to accommodate remote learning, and students will need to adapt in inventive and productive ways. Your instructor will discuss with you how assignments should be completed, including those normally requiring shop access.

How will we conduct group critiques?
Instructors have worked to determine the best platforms for conducting critique online and will share that information with you.

How will one-on-one critiques be conducted?
There are many options, including video conferencing and email. Your instructor will discuss with you how they will shape individualized feedback.

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