Feb. 7, 2020: Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Update

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To members of the RISD Community,

Updated Information on Coronavirus from Health Services

RISD Health Services continues to intensely monitor the global outbreak of 2019-nCoV (coronavirus). To date, there are no suspected cases of coronavirus at RISD, Brown or in the state of Rhode Island. In an abundance of caution, we are working with a small group of students who have recently returned from China and are actively providing appropriate recommendations, guidance and support. Please know that we are following all federal and state guidelines with utmost prudence out of concern for our community’s overall well-being.

In the past week, we have had many questions and concerns about staying healthy at this time of year. Please remember that influenza (“the flu”) remains a significant concern in our area. If you have not received a flu shot this year, please contact Health Services (401-454-6625 or health@risd.edu) for information on where to obtain the vaccine. There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus, however we do know that the virus appears to be transmitted similarly to other respiratory viruses, including the flu. Please continue to wash your hands frequently with soap and water (or alcohol-based hand sanitizer), avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands, and avoid close contact with people who are sick. As a reminder, masks are not a necessary preventative measure, however many of our students wear masks as a cultural norm. Please do not assume students wearing masks are sick. We fully support all students in making personal decisions about their health and safety.

Please remember that students are not required to leave campus during the winter break scheduled from February 7-12. All residence halls and houses remain open. Dining services are also in effect. The MET, Jolly Roger, and Watermark Café are open during the break. Please see the Dining venue hours for specific venue schedules. RAs and professional staff remain on call and present throughout the break. The Residence Life Office is open its regular hours of 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Public Safety is open 24/7 and can always be reached at 401-454-6666.

If you have any questions or concerns, a FAQ is available on the Health & Wellness website. You may also contact Health Services directly (401-454-6625 or health@risd.edu).

Kind Regards,

Kristin Gianelis, NP
Director, RISD Health Services

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