Guidelines for improving and maintaining mental health

We’re glad you’re doing well! Being in a good place emotionally is a great opportunity to begin self-care habits that might be especially difficult when you’re feeling worse. We know a lot about how to proactively care for our physical health, but sometimes it seems like we only address mental health when something is wrong.

Many habits that we have to take care of our bodies do double-duty – they are also great for maintaining and improving mental health.
Some of those habits are:

  • regular physical exercise
  • drinking plenty of water
  • eating regular meals & maintaining stable blood sugar
  • getting at least 6 (8 is better!) hours of sleep every night & maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule
  • good personal hygiene
  • moderating use of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs

Other ways to improve mental health are possibly less obvious:

  • mindfulness & meditation
  • journaling
  • yoga
  • maintaining strong and supportive relationships with friends &/or family
  • finding a spiritual practice with a community
  • educating yourself about mental illness and warning signs
  • volunteering or other activities that help others
  • engaging in activities that have personal meaning for you

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