Mar. 16, 2020: COVID-19 Update

For the latest updates visit COVID-19 Updates.

Dear RISD Staff and Faculty:

A number of RISD staff are on campus today working hard to help our students leave campus in an orderly fashion, and others to keep core operations running. From public safety to housing and dining to facilities maintenance to academic shops and studios to museum security to custodial services: core functions are being sustained as we de-densify the campus. We expect many of our students to be underway in the next 48 hours, but, for some, RISD will remain their home for the duration of the semester. We will need to continue to care for their safety and well being.

Yesterday we communicated to RISD staff that only certain designated groups would be asked to report to campus today and tomorrow, with fewer after that. We also communicated that any such designated staff member who needs an accommodation to work remotely should let their manager know, and managers have been instructed to exercise maximum flexibility and understanding. We believe this combination of ensuring support for core operations and extending maximum flexibility for those who, for various reasons, should not be on campus and/or can work remotely will enable the institution to fulfill its multiple ongoing obligations while doing all we can to safeguard our community’s well-being.

For employees who need to be on campus who normally take mass transit (bus or train) and would like to take their personal vehicle, RISD will provide a temporary parking pass for the next four weeks. Please contact DPS to obtain a temporary parking pass.

If you are on campus today or in the days to come, please be particularly attentive to good hygiene practices. Keep a social distance of six feet. Wash hands frequently. Go home if you feel unwell.

The Governor today announced new restrictions limiting all gatherings to 25 people or less. RISD is implementing this restriction immediately.

We know this is a difficult time for our community as we all balance personal obligations with RISD obligations. We greatly appreciate the extraordinary community spirit you are exhibiting and the hard work that you are engaged in.

Please continue to monitor your email for further updates, as well as the RISD COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page as well as the COVID-19 page for employees maintained by Human Resources.

Dave Proulx
Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

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