Mar. 9, 2020: COVID-19 Update

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Dear Members of the RISD community,

In our effort to keep you informed about the latest information about COVID-19, we are writing to let you know that three Brown students are currently being tested for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and are in isolation pending the outcome of their test results. We have confirmed these students are not enrolled in any RISD classes.

Brown shared the following information today:

“The students are being isolated out of an abundance of caution because they traveled to a venue outside of Rhode Island where they may have been exposed to the virus. All three students have been in close communication and cooperation with Brown and state health experts, as well as appropriate University offices.

Given that this is flu season, it is possible that these students do not have COVID-19. Under close guidance from the Rhode Island Department of Health, Brown has established standard protocols for testing and/or isolation based on potential exposure to the novel coronavirus or evidence of potential symptoms.”

We all play a critical role in preventing the spread of germs. Please continue to follow the following health recommendations:

  • Wash your hands frequently! Soap and water is best, however alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a great second option.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and wash your hands immediately afterward.
  • Regularly clean all high touch surfaces in your work or living area with routine household disinfectants, such as Clorox or Lysol.
  • PLEASE stay at home (or in your residence hall) if you are not feeling well.

If you are not feeling well, CALL your healthcare provider prior to seeking care. For students, Health Services may be reached at 401-454-6625. Our hours are currently 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday, with extended hours until 8 pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Faculty and staff should contact their personal healthcare provider.

We know that the developing presence of COVID-19 can create unease and anxiety. Please continue to support each other, and to reach out for help and support. Students experiencing anxiety or emotional distress are encouraged to reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 401-454-6637 (after hours telecounseling is also available). Employees are encouraged to utilize AllOne Health, our employee assistance plan, by calling 800-451-1834.
We will keep you informed as this situation continues to evolve. For the latest information on COVID-19 and the answers to frequently asked questions, please visit


Kristin Gianelis, NP
Director, Health Services

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