Headline for faculty and staff

Info for faculty and staff

  • Student medical info cannot be discussed with faculty unless signed consent by student.
  • If you are concerned about a student – please fill out and submit a CARE team referral.
  • In accordance with Academic Affairs policies, Health Services does not provide excuse notes to students.
  • We encourage all students to communicate with their faculty regarding health situations.
  • When students are seen in health services, they are given discharge paperwork that can serve as proof of their appointment. This is not to be considered an excuse note, however counseling and self-care recommendations discussed during the visit will be clearly documented. In the case of a readily contagious disease (including flu) students will be given instructions to “self-isolate”. When given these recommendations, students are made aware of RISD’s strict absence policies, and encouraged to communicate closely with faculty.
  • In the case of hospitalization (and with appropriate consent from the student), Health Services will notify Student Affairs, and an email will be sent to the student’s pertinent faculty.
  • Per Academic Affairs policy, faculty have full discretion as to how absences are handled from an academic standpoint. We are happy to discuss individual cases with appropriate student consent.
  • All medical accommodations are made through the Office of Disability Support Services.

Hours & Appointments

Our hours are:
Monday: 8–8 pm
Tuesday: 8–5 pm
Wednesday: 8–8 pm
Thursday: 8–5 pm
Friday: 8–5 pm

Closed on weekends

Our services are available to students both on-campus and off-campus. We will do our best to provide care by phone or Zoom when possible.

All students must speak with a nurse before coming in. Please call during business hours to speak to a nurse.

Daily walk-in clinic

Unavailable until further notice.


72 Pine Street, 2nd floor

For all the medical correspondence
involving Patient care, please use the

Need a Ride?

Use RISD’s on-demand, door-to-door transportation service.

Stay Informed

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