Accidents, illnesses and injuries — oh my! Are you covered for care?

Health insurance basics — and more.

RISD requires that you have health insurance — with good reason. Every year, our students benefit from the medical access and financial protection that health insurance offers. It can save your family thousands of dollars in emergency and hospital costs.

Our student health plan, managed by University Health Plans and offered by UnitedHealthcare, counts as qualifying health coverage which means you’re considered covered under the federal health care law.

And like most basic health plans, dental and vision coverage is not provided. You can add it as an option through University Health Plans. Learn more here: DentalVision

Along with Health Insurance, students are required to stay up-to-date on immunizations. Learn more about immunization requirements and recommendations.

Have questions about your insurance options.

Students and parents should call 1-833-251-1147 or email at if they have any questions regarding the policy or coverage.

Health Insurance Information

RISD health insurance

As a RISD student, you are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan managed by University Health Plans and offered through UnitedHealthcare. Vision and dental plans are also available.

NOTE: International students must participate in this plan unless covered by a comparable US based policy

Added options

Health insurance typically covers added expenses such as emergency care and hospitalization. Related medical costs — such as lab tests, medicines, x-rays and other imaging tests, referrals to specialists and emergency care — may not be covered by all plans. Take time to compare and contrast your health insurance options, based on your own health needs.

Personal insurance option

You’ll automatically enroll in RISD’s health insurance plan unless you show proof of coverage from a health insurer offering comparable, US based coverage. If your health insurance is under your parents’ plan, be sure to check for age and geographic limits, as well as what kind of care is covered away from home.

If you would like to waive the RISD Health Insurance, you must complete the Health insurance waiver form by the posted deadlines. Waivers must be completed annually.

Get more information for new and current students.

On-Campus Care

As a full-time student, you’ll have access to our Health Services medical clinic and Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Access health forms, records, communicate with practitioners securely and more.

Whether you need immediate hands-on care or caring medical advice, RISD’s Health Services Center connects you to the services you need.

Hours & Appointments

Our hours:

Monday 8am – 7pm
Tuesday 8am – 4:30pm
Wednesday 8am – 4:30pm
Thursday 8am – 4:30pm
Friday 8am – 6pm

Closed on weekends

Our services are available to students both on-campus and off-campus. We will do our best to provide care by phone or Zoom when possible.


72 Pine Street, 2nd floor

For all the medical correspondence
involving Patient care, please use the

Need a Ride?

Use RISD’s on-demand, door-to-door transportation service.

Stay Informed

Build your health smarts and stay on top of the services and resources the Health Center offers.