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New and Current Students

We’re honored to be your partner in staying healthy. And always remember that our medical care services are just part of the many resources you have as a student. When you combine them with RISD’s counseling and wellness services, you’re on the right path to a lifetime of good health.

Six Steps to a Healthy You:

Whether you’re new to RISD or returning for study, here’s some “health homework” for you to complete. Follow the six steps below to ace your good health at RISD.

1. Make sure we know your medical history – and learn a bit about health insurance requirements while at RISD.

If you’re staying on your parent’s plan, check with their insurance to make sure you are covered (non-emergency and emergency care) while you’re at college. Remember, all students are automatically enrolled in the RISD Student Health Insurance Plan unless you can verify another source of insurance (such as your parent’s health plan). If you decide not to accept the RISD plan, you must go online and waive the plan by August 1, 2023.

Complete your health forms online or by downloading the forms here:

2. Talk to your parents about their involvement in your medical care.

No one wants to think about emergencies, but if you’re over 18, you’re considered an adult. Neither RISD nor any medical provider will release information to your parents without a signed HIPAA release form. (But be aware, if your health insurance is billed, your insurance provider may send an explanation of benefits (EOB) to your parents.) You might also want to consider a medical power of attorney (designating a decision maker if you become incapacitated) and general durable power of attorney (giving your parents authority to make financial/legal decisions).

3. Get immunized.

RISD requires that all students, graduate and undergraduate, provide documentation of:

  • COVID-19 series + Booster
  • 1 Tdap (Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis) – given within past 10 years
  • 2 MMR’s (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • 2 Varicella vaccinations or proof of Chicken Pox disease
  • Meningitis vaccine (21 years and under)

View information on required immunizations and vaccine recommendations.

Related sites:

4. Plan ahead for special health care needs.

If you have chronic illness or medical need, RISD can help. But make sure you do the following:

  • Ask your doctor for a written summary of your health condition — ideally a one-page typed document that explains the nature of the condition and recommended medications, treatments, and other critical interventions.
  • Bring specific written instructions from your prescribing doctor if you need allergy shots or routine lab tests for a particular medical condition.
  • Please call to make an appointment when you get to campus just to get acquainted. Ask about campus resources for students with chronic illness.
  • Have a plan with specific instructions for actions to be taken during an urgent event or emergency. (You might want to have extra copies to share with your roommate, resident assistant or the RISD Health Center.)

5. Communicate your need for disability services.

If you have a physical or learning disability, it’s up to you to inform RISD and request accommodations. Keep in mind it takes up to four weeks to make arrangements, so make sure you contact Disability Support Services before classes begin. The RISD Health Center will help you address any medical needs.

6. Own your absence: Tell your professors when you’re sick.

The Health Services Center does not provide excuse notes when you are ill. If you are too ill to attend a class, be aware that it is your responsibility as an adult to notify your professors — before the start of class — when you are too ill to attend.

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Our services are available to students both on-campus and off-campus. We will do our best to provide care by phone or Zoom when possible.


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