When it comes to health, we’re better together.

Our Approach to Care

Your physical and mental health and wellbeing are uniquely yours. They’re shaped by countless factors — but the choices you make in your daily life play a key role in how you ultimately feel and perform. And they’re profoundly influenced by the company you keep — from family and friends — to the values and lifestyles embraced by the community in which you live.

We’re a community of artists who are creative, passionate and driven — and that often means we sometimes don’t sleep well, eat well, or exercise enough. This is why we’re making health and wellness a core part of RISD’s Strategic Plan. We’re integrating our health and counseling services and enhancing our resources to better support you.

Let’s own our health as an artistic community! We invite you to put RISD’s wrap-around services to full use in your life — and we ask that you share your ideas on how we can all be well and do well every day.

Together, we’ll be stronger and better.

What’s coming soon…

We have some exciting projects in place to support health and wellness for RISD students. Under the guidance of an Executive Director for Integrated Health and Wellness and a Health Educator, we will build preventive wellness programming tailored to the unique demands of our student population.

Stay tuned for updates on these new staff positions and the programs we will be rolling out in fall 2020. Those entail deeper programming and a commitment to providing more holistic support and programs for students.


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Stay Informed

Take just a minute to learn how you can live a happier and healthier life. Read, ask questions, and get help!