What you need to know about Hepatitis A vaccination

The Hepatitis A vaccine is not mandatory for college students in the state of Rhode Island but is highly recommended for all young adults.

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious viral infection of the liver that is transmitted by oral-fecal routes. Persons can become infected by Hepatitis A when unknowingly ingesting viral particles from undetected small amounts of infected feces, sometimes found in foods or on surfaces. Persons who travel internationally to areas with high rates of Hepatitis A infection and persons who engage in anal intercourse are at increased risk, however, these are not the only reason to get vaccinated.

You can protect yourself by getting the Hepatitis A vaccine, a series of 2 injections spread out over 6 months time.

How can RISD Health Services Help?

RISD Health Services can provide a referral to local vaccination clinics or pharmacies for Hepatitis A vaccination. This is generally covered by all health insurance, including RISD Student Health Insurance (United Health Student Resources).

How do I request a referral to receive the Hepatitis A vaccinations?

Students should call the RISD Health Services office at 401-454-6625.

Upon request, the Health Services office will process the referral to local vaccination clinics or pharmacies at which time the student should visit the walk-in clinic.